How to Market your Seasonal Business during the Off-Season

Whether you have a rush of business during summer or winter, generating sales for a seasonal business can be challenging during the dreaded off-season. As business starts to slow down, it is important to think creatively and keep your marketing efforts going so your customers will remember you when the next season begins. Instead of waiting around, use this valuable off-season time to keep your business in your customer’s minds. Generate sales all year round by using these marketing tips.

Grow Your Database
As your business will be busy with sales during the peak season, the off-season is a great time to get on top of potential customers for the following season. Get a hold of a strong list of past customers and people who have expressed their interest in your business so you can convert leads into customers for the new season. Encourage them to subscribe to an email list or blog so that when the busy period comes around, you have a well-established database to market your business.

Generate Off-Season Excitement
In order to extend the season, try generating events and excitement during the slower periods of your business. Customers who have missed the opportunity to buy your product or service during the high season may like the opportunity to snap up an early bird offer or off-season discount. For example, during the middle of the year, a Christmas business could take advantage of holding a Christmas in July event to get their customers excited during the off-season.

Keep in Contact
It is important to stay in touch with your customers and sustain a relationship with them during the off-season which will hopefully continue into the peak season. Stay social all year by updating your social media accounts regularly as although your customers may not be at your store, they will be scrolling through their social media feeds. Use your online platforms to promote special offers, discount codes, run contests and generate hype for the new season. Stay in touch via email as well, but ensure it is less frequent and used just as a reminder to check in with your content and show customers that you value their relationship.

Continue Creating Content
Just because your business is slowing doesn’t mean you can’t create content to communicate with your target market. Stay social all year by continuing to generate appropriate content to your customers as this may generate new leads for when the new season comes around. Just because your target audience can’t utilize your product or service at the moment, doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from your content.

Look for Niche Markets
Determine unique ways to bring in new customers when your business is slow. The off-season is a great period to trial targeting different markets as specializing in a specific market can give your business a competitive advantage. Differentiating your business by finding a niche market to focus on can keep things steady in the slower months.

We hope these helpful tips will have you on your way to effectively marketing your seasonal business. Here at Clarity, we tailor your marketing strategy to suit you and your business’s needs, we are here with you every step of the way. Give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.