Your businesses guide to Pinterest

Many social media applications revolve around images. Sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, purely post photos. Pinterest is a particularly great tool for your business, in fact Pinterest is driving more website traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined! Below are 7 helpful tips to make your business a success on Pinterest.

  1. You can Pin from anywhere. Make your Pins easy to share and able to be pinned from every online profile and website that you have set up from your business. Every photo on your website or blog can contain a link, that once clicked, posts that photo to the persons Pinterest board. Once it is pinned on their board, their friends can see the picture along with where they got the photo from.
  2.  Be unique. 80% of pins are re-pins. These are great for filling your pinboards, but what is even better is if you upload your own unique photos, that way they will link directly back to your website or online store. By uploading and posting unique photos, you will grab people attention and spread your brand even further.
  3. Size does matter. The maximum width of the expanded Pin size is 600px, anything under 300x300px is too small and will be stretched out of proportion when enlarged. This takes away all the hard work you put into getting the perfect picture. Make sure your photos are high quality so that they are bug enough for Pinterest.
  4. Hashtag less. You don’t want to hashtag anything and everything that slightly relates to your photo. Some people make the mistake of hashtagging too much because they think that will bring their photo up in more searches. You have to be careful here, while it is great to be a prominent photo in many searches, you also want to make sure that those searchers are relevant to your business and what you do, otherwise it is pointless.
  5. Short and sweet. Social media scientist Dan Zarrella has found that Pins with a 200 word or less description received more re-pins than those with longer descriptions. Keeping the description down means that reading it won’t take up too much of the readers time, which makes it more appealing to the reader.
  6. Be colourful. It has been found that coloured Pins get more re-pins than black and white Pins. So be creative and daring and try to use some colour in you unique Pins.
  7. Try going vertical. I mentioned above that Pinterest limits the width to 600px, they don’t however; limit the length of the photo. It is a good idea to make your photos a bit longer because you can get a bit more creative and fit more in the photo. The photo also takes up more space when people are searching on the site, which means people might be more likely to click on the photo to find out more. Just remember that you done want the Pin to be so long that they have to scroll down to see the whole picture or find the description. The best rule of thumb is to limit the length to 5,000 pixels.

As you can see there are many things to consider when building up your businesses Pinterest profile, but it is definitely worth it. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s fast paced society this is becoming more and more true.
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