Learn to Love LinkedIn

It is important to choose the right social media platform for your business, as not every business has infinite time and resources to be active on every channel. Having an effective LinkedIn profile can be a powerful tool in marketing your business and achieving your business goals. Whether you haven’t yet launched a social media account or you want to see your professional network grow, here’s why you should take advantage of LinkedIn and all of its benefits.

LinkedIn is well known for connecting professionals all over the world, but it also offers multiple marketing opportunities for expanding your business network. There are over six million Australian’s currently active on the platform and LinkedIn is the number one network on Google when searching for an individuals name. With a variety of careers and professionals in one place, you can be in touch with your potential clients in no time.

There are LinkedIn personal profiles, company pages and groups, all of which offer multiple marketing opportunities for expanding your business network. Start with creating a personal profile and build on from there.

Creating a personal profile is easy;

  • Upload a high resolution professional profile picture which represents yourself
  • Include your responsibilities and achievements in your work history, including highlights that potential clients will want to know
  • In your summary, add a keyword rich description of your skills and specialties and even a call to action
  • Don’t forget to include suitable contact details and a link to your company’s website for potential business possibilities from entrepreneurs, job seekers, or networkers

All you’ll need is about 10 minutes a day to log in and answer any connection requests, scroll through your network’s updates, search for business and industry related groups, connect with like-minded profiles and share something with your audience. Focus on engaging in group discussions about your industry, to expose yourself to more connections with similar business goals, while showcasing your business knowledge.

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