Is your LinkedIn Profile Working for you?

Having an effective LinkedIn profile can be a powerful tool in marketing your business. When someone finds you on LinkedIn and you don’t make a good impression, it is a lost business opportunity. It could have been a new client or business partner. Below are 5 things people are doing wrong on their LinkedIn profile and how to fix it.
Boring Profile?
If someone else was reading your profile would they think ‘Wow I can’t wait to meet this person’? If not, then this if the first thing that needs to be fixed. Be creative when listing job history or company description. You can still keep the same information but just put a different spin on it to make it more interesting to read.
Dull Headline
Your headline is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. Your headline is what people see when searching for you and it is the only information people see on your limited profile. This is what people read before deciding whether or not to learn more about you. What you need to do is write a headline that is interesting and describes who you are, not just your job title. You should also consider using keywords so people can find you when doing a search.
Out of date contact information
Many people neglect their LinkedIn profile and forget to update their contact information. This is such a big mistake! Not everybody likes to use InMail (LinkedIn’s version of direct message), and in a lot of cases there is a limit to how many InMail you can send. The best way around this problem is to add as many contact details as possible to your profile. List your business website, any other social profiles, and definitely your email address.
Lack of Recommendations
Everyone needs recommendations on their LinkedIn profile, and we all have people in our professional circles that are very happy say nice things about us. Ask them to write a recommendation for you, and when you ask don’t just ask them to write a recommendation, be specific. Mention the specific skills you want them to include in their recommendation.
No Group Participation
You must take advantage of the millions of groups on LinkedIn, there are groups for everything! Take advantage of these groups, especially ones that are specific to your industry or location. Be an active contributor to these groups. Put forward good ideas and expertise and become known as the thought leader.
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