How social media can help you unearth talent

There is no doubt that Gen Y is tech savvy – they not only use social networks to keep in contact with friends, but also to manage their careers. Social media is not only a platform for you to promote and market your business, but it is also a way for you to unearth some wonderful talent.

Some tips on how to use social media for recruitment:

1.  Create a social recruiting platform

Creating a dedicated page or a blog for recruiting, posting jobs, upcoming career events is a great way to organise all the opportunity and news for your business. This is also the perfect way for existing employees to write about their role and job seekers are able to see through the eyes of the employee – this can help in strengthening your corporate identity.

Bonus: This is also a great opportunity to build or strengthen your SEO and organic search rankings

2.  Building your corporate identity and brand

Your business brand and company is able to showcase its corporate culture and working environment through images, videos and text. By encouraging your current Gen Y employees to interact with prospectives and promote discussion on work culture and daily routines. Gen Y job seekers will look at your culture and decide immediately if they would fit in, which saves everyone time.

Remember, this is a great opportunity to market your brand and build brand loyalty.

3.  Be responsive

The golden rule with operating online is to always replying to messages. It is unprofessional to not respond to queries or comments. By be proactive and reply with a tailored answer, it not only benefits prospective applicants but also increase your business goodwill.

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