Live Video – What is it and why should you use it?

Live video is the process of broadcasting real-time footage or a video feed to an audience online. Businesses are using live video to produce valuable and interesting content for their online audience. It is an opportunity for businesses to reach larger audiences, generate leads and turn them into conversions.

The dramatic growth of live video is due to user-generated content platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook Live, which people use to broadcast the content they create. This is changing the way we watch and consume videos. Live video allows viewers to easily interact with content and being involved experience, which only available at the time of broadcast.

Why should you use it?

  1. Increase Engagement

Viewers are ten times more likely to comment on a live video than a posted video. Live video allows users to comment directly on the content, which can be reviewed by the poster in real time. Questions asked by users can be answered during the broadcast. This builds a relationship between business and audience, which is the catalyst for conversions.

  1. Brand Authenticity

Its real time presentation creates real connections to viewers through conversation. The unedited nature of live video is genuine which viewers want to see to humanise companies and see behind the scenes.

  1. Promotion of it makes for great content too

Before going live promote the video before, during and after with posts on social media, email and on your website. The anticipation of an event, if advertised well, will bring excitement to your target audience and push them to tell friends about the live video. Additionally t he real time presentation of live video creates a sense of exclusivity, as viewers are the first to know about new services, products and events.

  1. Versatile

Live video can be used for a variety of purposes including broadcasting live events, Q&As and polls. This versatility enables you to custom create your content to suit different goals and reach your audience easily.

Try incorporating these techniques into your marketing efforts to experience the power of live video for your business. If you need some advice on live video marketing tactics or content, give the team at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.