5 Things you can do to Boost your Instagram Engagement

Whether your company is new to Instagram or you have been using it for a while; it can be difficult to continuously generate appealing content for your target audience. The key things that help boost Instagram engagement are images, videos, catchy headlines, hashtags and frequent posts. This article is a checkpoint to help you create content that will boost engagement.

Aesthetic Images

Always post relevant photos that catch viewer’s attention to increase your following. Use this opportunity to show off your brand with high quality content. Studies show up to 93% of buyers state ‘visual appearance’ as a key factor in their purchasing decisions. Keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform that works best with images and videos so use this opportunity to your advantage and show off your brand the way you want to be perceived. Images can be versatile and used to show behind-the-scenes pictures of the business, statistics, quotes, re-posting images from customers who used you service or product and even advertise for available positions within your business. Take the time to present your brand, service and product so viewers retain greater brand awareness.

Quality Video

Use video content like ‘how to’ or ‘behind the scenes’ themes to exhibit a down to earth personality for followers to relate to your brand. If you’re selling a product, create videos on unusual ways to use the product for viewers to visualise how they can incorporate the product into their life. Use Instagram stories to share the simpler moments in your brands day. Find out how to use Instagram stories here. Your content needs to be executed correctly to boost engagement with video. Create content that can be easily consumed so it’s difficult for followers to scroll away.

Catchy Captions

Captions are easy ways to add Call to Actions and create interaction between your post and the audience. It’s an opportunity for your business to tell a story, add context and expand on the content you posted to build a relationship with your audience. Short and catchy captions are the most effective way to create conversions as creativity helps your brand to stand out and be remembered.

Relevant Hashtags

Incorporating industry related hash tags and tagging people also helps with broadening your reach. Hashtags should be relevant to your post and have a purpose to drive engagement. Though it may be tempting to over use hastags, less is more. Too many hashtags can be distracting and reader’s focus is taken away from your main message.

Frequent Posts

Your posts should be planned and never posted on a whim. Remember your account is a tool for engagement and a great way to advertise. So, planning will help to organise what you want to promote when and ease the hassle of gathering results to view the success of posts. Viewing reactions from previous posts also helps to determine what your audience wants to see. Create a marketing schedule that helps to organise when to post, what to post and monitor data from previous content on a regular basis.

Audience engagement is vital to making your business successful, particularly on Instagram. For further assistance in discovering engagement tactics for your business, contact the marketing experts at Clarity Marketing on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.