Make sure you aren’t making these Marketing Mistakes

No matter what kind of business you have, making some mistakes in your business’ marketing is inevitable. Be aware of the following marketing mistakes, which may cause your business to fall short of success and have a large impact on your sales.

  1. Slow Approvals
    Whether you have an internal marketing team or outsource your campaigns, taking too long to approve projects can mean missed opportunities for your business, especially in the fast paced industry that is marketing.
  1. Offering Too Many Discounts
    Special offers and discounts are great for your business when you want to attract customers and increase sales. Offering too many or too frequently can have long term negative effects such as emphasising on price rather than the value of your service or devaluing your brand. Be smart about who you offer your discounts to and when.
  1. Spreading yourself Thin
    In the fast paced marketing world, new platforms and technology frequently arise with many marketers making the mistake of rushing to sign up for everything. If you’re just starting out with a small business with limited sources, focus on what you know and what you are best at to attract customers rather than trying to have a presence in everything and fall short on your best assets. It’s quality over quantity.
  1. Ending Communication after a Sale
    A common mistake in marketing is that you have finished your job with a customer once a sale is made. There is a lot more to do once you have got their contact details or sale. Staying connected and available to your customer is essential for their repeat business and can encourage them to write reviews or post positive feedback on social media, providing ‘social proof’ and enhancing your marketing efforts.
  1. Focusing on Potential Customers rather than existing
    Don’t forget about your existing customers while you are too busy attracting new ones. Existing customers are valuable and play a huge part in word-of-mouth marketing and recommending new clients.

We hope this advice will help you stay on top of your marketing strategies and grow your small business. If your strategy needs a review or you need some advice on digital marketing, give the team at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.