Social Media Size Guide for Posting

The images you post have a large impact on the way your brand is portrayed on social media. Whether it is the quality, shape or size of your images, each post will vary when displayed on different platforms, channels and devices. Be sure to post images that show up consistently and efficiently in your follower’s news feed, stream or timeline with this recommended size guide for social media posts.

Prepare your social media images to the below recommended sizes to make sure your posts are at the highest quality and captivate your audience.

Profile Picture                       180x180px
Cover Photo                          820x312px
Event Image                         1920x1080px
Post Size                               1200x630px
Facebook Ad                         1200px width

Profile Picture                        180x180px
Post Size                               1936x1936px
Instagram Ad                         1080x1080px

Profile Picture                       165x165px
Pin Board Thumbnail            55x55px
Pinned Photo                        236px
Expanded Pin                       600px width

Profile Picture                       400x400px
Cover Photo                          1500x500px
Post Photo                            1024x512px

Profile Picture                       400x400px
Square Logo                         50x50px
Standard Logo                     100x60px
Background Image               1400x425px
Post Photo                            800x400px

Channel Art Desktop           2560x423px
Channel Art Mobile              1546x423px
Channel Art TV                    2560x1440px
Channel Art Tablet               1855x423px
Video Upload                       1280×760 HD

Profile Picture                       250x250px
Cover Photo                          1080x608px
Post Photo                            497px width
Post Video                            497x279px

We hope this advice will help you stay on top of your social media marketing efforts and make a positive impact on your followers. If you need some advice on social media marketing or assistance with management, give the team at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.