Posts your followers will ‘like’ for your business Facebook page

It can be a difficult journey beginning to create strategies to gain likes and followers. But, let me tell you it is definitely a worthwhile journey. One thing many businesses focus on is the amount of followers or likes they receive. Though this is a good goal, small businesses need to shift their focus on the quality of likes rather than the quantity. A rise in likes of one post does not guarantee long-term sales. Here are our top tips to gain quality likes.

How to gain quality likes:

  1. Visuals

Including captivating visuals like videos and images, continues to be the best way to create relevant content that your audience values. It only takes a few seconds to absorb the information visually compared to reading text, making it easier to retain. By creating content your audience wants to see will boost organic traffic and eliminate the need for paid advertising, saving you money. Show how you would use your product or service and for people to be able to see how to integrate it into their life. This will increase the likelihood of making a sale. The best visual strategies include videos, photos of new services or products, sharing of customer photos and testimonials.

  1. Discounts

Using discounts is an excellent way not only to gain likes but to create lead generation as well. Include links from your website where people need to register to gain access to a discount code and create direct leads. Or, include call to actions such as ‘shop now’ or ‘sign up’ to gain indirect leads. Another tactic is asking followers for feedback and in return they will receive a discount code. Not only will you gain valuable information to improve your company but also have a happy and valued customer. Utilise Facebook’s ability for larger reach in shorter periods of time to your advantage.

  1. Behind-the-scenes

Give insight of what happens behind your business’s doors. Enabling behind the scenes content on social media shows that your business has fun, a great workplace environment and humanises your social media pages, which will help to build upon customer relationships and create trust. We recommend using team building content to show that your team loves what they do, progress photos whether it be moving to a new office, opening a new store or creating new products to make your audience feel involved. Finally, personal and funny content should be used to project your success and make you relatable.

  1. Awareness

Attaching links to your Facebook profile on emails and your website will help people who used search engines to discover your business and loyal customers will be notified about your Facebook page. If you have a store or office, consider displaying posters, include your Facebook handle on receipts or stickers for customers to gain awareness of your page. Additionally, create promotions for those who like your page on the spot when checking out receive a small discount. Incentives assist in obtaining awareness and promotions lead customers to tell their friends about your business’s deal.

  1. Activity

Most importantly post regularly. There is not magic number. What works for another company does not been it will work for you. We recommend posting 1-2 times per day on Facebook and play around with timing to reach your optimum audience. One thing to remember is to always mix the type of content your posting to keep your audience interested.


Social Media marketing is a crucial aspect in developing a successful business. For further assistance in discovering engagement tactics for your business, contact the marketing experts at Clarity Marketing on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.