Top Digital Marketing Challenges

As the online marketing environment continues to develop, many businesses must determine a deeper understanding of customer needs and face inevitable obstacles. There is always one marketing area you can improve on in the online world that is continuingly advancing. Below are 5 challenges your business might encounter in digital marketing.

  1. Ongoing Digital Changes
    An ever-changing digital world means marketing techniques are ongoing transformations which can impact a business. Technological abilities have a great impact on keeping up with new formats and updates meaning many small businesses rely on outsourcing their online marketing to ensure they are staying on top of this important aspect of their marketing. Let’s face it, you can’t be an expert at everything!
  1. Over relying on Social Media
    Each platform can easily change algorithms and which can effect your brand’s content and reach. Brands need to diversify the platforms they share content on so if one medium changes drastically in the future it won’t affect your online presence too severely.
  1. Getting Results from SEO
    Due to the large competition online, it can take quite some time to see any results from your SEO efforts. Big brands generally deliver stronger SEO results from strong brand awareness and bigger budgets. Therefore you must not rely heavily on search engine rankings as a consistent measurement of success.
  1. Targeting Content to a Global Audience
    With a diverse range of customers online from all over the world means diverse content is needed to interact and attract a varied audience. Optimise your website for different countries as well as multiple devices.
  1. Changing Search Engine Algorithms
    Who is to know when big search engines like Google will change their algorithms and pose a change to the way they display their search results. Website traffic can potentially be changed so it is critical to build a diverse marketing plan with other ways to reach your customers. It’s worth considering PPC and other paid advertising options.

We hope this advice will help you stay on top of your digital marketing strategies and grow your small business. If your strategy needs a review or you need some advice on digital marketing, give the team at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.