5 Big Problems with Small Business Websites

It is surprising to discover that according to a Google survey, more than half of small businesses do not have a website. If you’re one of the smart businesses who does have a website and recognizes the importance of online presence, you could still be making simple website mistakes. Improving your website can result in enhanced credibility, an increase in customers and building of client relationships. Are you making any of these costly mistakes with your website?

No Mobile Optimisation
Today, every business needs to accommodate smartphones and tablets with a mobile-optimised website or risk losing potential customers. As most individuals now view websites on mobile devices, having a mobile or responsive website will make it easier for consumers to find your information and can open up a whole new audience for your business.

Poor SEO
Not performing many simple search engine optimisation (SEO) steps could be preventing your small business website from achieving great Google search results and stopping potential customers from finding your website. An SEO audit is helpful to find out if you are meeting the technical requirements of Google’s search engine. Simple things such as adding meta descriptions and optimising page titles can also help your website stand out in search results.

No Measurement
Without metrics, small businesses are unable to analyse their website’s performance and recognise any issues. Website analytics tools such as Google Analytics can help you track your progress and examine your online customer’s behaviour in order to make effective improvements.

Poor Design
Poor website design can lead to slow loading time which can hinder traffic with a bad user experience, costing you money and business. Things such as optimized images, smaller file sizes and faster website plugins can help to improve your website speed and make a difference in search rankings, user experience and engagement.

No Social Media Links
Installing a social media widget onto your website to encourage social sharing can help to increase your brands reach and engagement. Your business information is more likely to be viewed by other audiences and the increase in interaction will help to build client relationships.

Working with a professional marketing company can ensure you improve your website in a timely and cost effective manner. Here at Clarity Marketing and Communications we have the resources and knowledge to help you with all of your web design and development needs. For further information or for assistance in any of the above website issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.