Word of Mouth Marketing – How to get people talking about your business

Word of mouth marketing may seem easy to achieve in a large company, however, smaller businesses have a greater advantage as the communication with customers is much closer and more personal. Word of mouth marketing is relatively inexpensive and an influential tool, as consumers value recommendations from trusted sources like family and friends over advertising messages. To achieve success with your business through the word-of-mouth approach, consider these powerful strategies to get people talking about your business.

  1. Communicate Online
    Although word of mouth marketing generally occurs offline, in order to get people talking about your business where potential customers are searching for content, increase your online form of word of mouth. Communicating your PR activities such as events, promotions and competitions through digital channels like your website and social media accounts can increase the discussion of your business online.
  2. Be Engaging
    Encourage recommendations and positive conversation about your brand by building a social media community and joining in on their conversations. Don’t get too caught up in building followers on your social media accounts, remember to connect with them as well. It is much more valuable to have a small group of fans who have a genuine passion for your brand than a large group of people who only followed you for an incentive.
  3. Be Exclusive
    As a small business, always look for ways to show your current clients and customers that you care; this can have a big effect on their attitude towards your brand. Give your customers reasons to talk about your brand, your great customer service, exclusive insider knowledge and amazing products. Treat your customers like gold as it encourages them to spread the word about your products or services.
  4. Target Influencers
    Influencers such as bloggers, journalists or other content creators usually have large social media followings, have access to large audiences or have the power to broadcast their opinions. Introduce yourself and your products/services to these people, get them on your side and you have the potential to use their reach to market your brand.

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