4 Marketing Techniques you should stop doing

There’s a good chance that you’re spending more money than you need to on marketing your business and you should stop doing now. This is mainly due to the many out-dated marketing techniques that aren’t effective or are not the best solution for your business. Reviewing your marketing strategies and eliminating methods that aren’t working for you will save you time and money. Here are 4 common ways small businesses overspend in marketing.

  1. Investing in ‘Guaranteed’ SEO Results
    Spending money on online marketing strategies with no guarantee of results is a common way to go over your marketing budget. SEO is not a technique where you can see overnight results and guaranteeing a number 1 ranking on Google is impossible. This also goes for investing in new marketing strategies before there is research to back that it will give a positive ROI.
  1. Thinking Marketing will be effective if it is expensive
    Don’t be mislead to believe that for effective marketing you need to spend a lot of money. Marketing is more than just advertising, it is about building a positive brand image, providing an excellent customer experience and retaining clients. Expensive advertising will attract new customers but cannot always keep them. That being said, don’t expect immediate results as some marketing strategies take time to pay off. Others become successful after you learn from your previous experiences and make efficient improvements.
  1. Buying Social Media Followers
    This one is obvious, no matter how many followers you have on your social media platforms, it is about the level of engagement. Buying followers can turn out to be a waste of money as fake accounts do not interact with your posts and will not help to increase your account’s exposure.
  1. Not Measuring your Results
    In order to analyse which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t, you need to measure the success of your campaigns. It is critical to measure your results so you can choose which techniques are worth your investment and you should focus on.

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