Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

If you have seen a Google Partner badge in the footer of a business’ website, this means the company is among a select group of agencies who have met the high standards of the Google Partner program. The Google Partner program is designed to help businesses find a trusted and professional agency to manage their online marketing. Here are some benefits of working with a Google Certified Partner agency such as Clarity Marketing.

  1. Access to the Latest Information
    The Google Partner badge recognises companies who demonstrate advanced knowledge, expertise and experience. Google offers certified companies the latest information in industry research and product updates. When working with a Google certified Partner, you’ll have full access to exclusive reports and current trends which may affect your campaign. Working with a Google Partner who is among the first to be notified about updates that are relevant to your campaigns will result in a large measurable difference in achieving your marketing goals.
  2. Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified Individuals
    Since Google advertising is becoming a valuable online marketing tool, when choosing an agency to trust with your advertising budget, you want to know they have adequate knowledge in Google products. To become a Google Partner, individuals must pass multiple exams to prove their overall knowledge of Google tools. Google Adwords certification exams must be passed every 12 months and Google Analytics certification exams every 18 months to remain qualified. Google ensures these certifications are current and that the company is up to date with the latest standards.
  3. Best Practice Knowledge and Experience
    An agency with a Google Partner status is recognised as a trusted business partner by Google. A requirement of becoming a Google Partner is that your company must manage a minimum spend of $10,000 every 90 days. This requirement illustrates that the company is maintaining a healthy amount of activity and has experience in continually managing a sizeable portfolio of satisfied clients. They are required to be proactive in refining campaigns to ensure the best results are achieved following Google’s recommended best practices.
  4. Assurance of High Quality Service
    Google periodically reviews a partner’s accounts and status to ensure they are meeting the high standards of the program. A company who fails to continue to maintain all requirements of a Google Partner status will have their badge revoked; ensuring a high standard of service is maintained. By working with a certified Google Partner you can be sure you are receiving high quality marketing service from your client.

Working with a Google Partner agency will save you time as well as money. Clarity Marketing has a Google Partner status in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics which means we can offer the best possible service while building effective online marketing solutions for you. For further information on what Clarity has to offer your business, give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.