How to Successfully Launch a New Product

It takes a lot of effort, planning and research to get a product launch just right as technology and the internet have vastly changed the launch process over the past few years. The new media landscape can make it hard for your product to get noticed and make a strong impression on your target audience. Follow these tips for a well-executed product launch which gets your business noticed.

Start preparing early
Begin preparing long before the launch. Work out a schedule for dates, deadlines, roles and teams who will handle each activity for the launch so you can avoid any pitfalls early on. Decide which media you are going to advertise on and how you are going to get endorsements and testimonials while setting goals and a budget.

Understand your market and competition
Launching a product requires a lot of research to understand your customer landscape. It is essential to understand basic facts about your target audience, major influencers they are interested in and the types of media they consume. Scope out your competition early on, researching businesses who have a similar product to yours. Research what their weaknesses were during their product launch and plan ahead to avoid any setbacks.

Contact important influencers pre-launch
Once you have researched your target audience, reach out to people in your industry or niche market who have a large influence on them. Make your product available to your most important influencers before the launch and encourage them to use your product and write reviews about them. This will also help you learn more about how people will react to your product before the launch.

Provide accessible information
Make it easy for new audiences to discover your product and learn more about it with free downloads, brochures, instructional videos, demos and free trials. The more information people have about the product, the more likely that reporters or influencers will write about the offering.

Keep the excitement going
Don’t stop at the end of your product launch, this is just the beginning of your product’s sales lifecycle. Keep the momentum of the product going beyond the launch with fresh news and announcements as you learn what customers like and dislike about it which can help you plan for the future of the product range.

We hope following these tips will help you in successfully launching a new product or service. If you need assistance with any aspect of marketing, Clarity Marketing and Communication can help. Contact us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.