Instagram is about to change for your Business

Earlier this year, Instagram confirmed they are working on new business profiles and have now announced they are testing a new set of business tools with detailed in-app analytics – long awaited by many businesses. This will allow companies to learn more about their followers, see which posts are most engaging and determine the best time to schedule a post, a gold mine for every marketer!

  • Instagram has confirmed Instagram business tools in the form of business profiles will be released. It seems they are comparable to Facebook brand pages, with a category, contact button, linkable location tag and now analytics.
  • Similar to Facebook Insights, new Instagram insights will allow you to learn more about your followers such as demographics, geographic distribution and online activity, with top posts sorted by impressions. Knowing when your followers are most active on the app and the time zone they live in will enable you to determine an optimal time to post. With more information about your followers, brands will be able to create content better targeted to their audience, marketing themselves more efficiently.
  • These data rich features will empower brands and enable them to get the most out of Instagram campaigns and will no doubt change the way we use the platform. Although still in testing mode, Instagram insights will be an invaluable tool to identify peak times to post for added visibility and the best engagement from your followers.

Whether you are a marketer planning a campaign or a small business wanting to post engaging images and videos to build brand awareness, it seems Instagram is finally listening to marketers and aiming to enhance the brand experience. Instagram’s business tools will be available in Australia in the coming months and globally by the end of the year.

Instagram is a powerful way to communicate visually with your customers and market your services. If you need any help with your social media strategy, our team of experienced social media marketers at Clarity Marketing and Communication can assist you. For further information on what Clarity can do for you please call us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.