How Live Chat can improve your Online Business

Live chat functions for e-commerce websites has rapidly increased in popularity in the past few years and for many reasons. In fact, many users even expect there to be a live chat function, so you could be missing out on potential customers by not using the service. If there is any way you can improve your customer’s experience on your website, increase sales and maximise online effectiveness, live chat offers this in a number of ways.

Improve Customer Experience
Convenience for your customers is one of the main reasons live chat is so popular and successful. An online chat system offers customers instant access to help and advice, easier than waiting in a call centre line or for an email reply after hours. Customers can easily multi-task by browsing products while they are waiting for a response.

Offer a Personalised Service
With many live chat services you are able to see which products your customers are viewing meaning you can offer a personalised service with highly tailored suggestions. Offering tailored product recommendations for potential customers can be the last strategic move that pushes them to a sale.

Cut Down on Expenses
Strategic use of live chat can effectively cut down your customer service expenses. You can save on employee wages as your staff will spend less time on the phone with one customer and can handle multiple customer’s enquiries simultaneously through live chat, cutting down the waiting time.

Increase Sales
If used correctly as part of your customer service strategy, live chat can help you to increase conversion rates. Most live chat functions offer timely, customised greetings. If a user has been on a page for a long period of time, lets say the payment screen, you can improve sales by approaching customers right at the moment they may need help.

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, it is essential that your e-commerce website offers a live chat function. Here at Clarity marketing and Communications, we can help you with any of your website development and online marketing needs. Call us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry to find out how we can determine the most appropriate online marketing strategy for your business.