Why Mobile Marketing is no longer Optional


Mobile Marketing is crucial to every small businesses marketing plan. With more people having access to mobile phones over toilets, today is the time to ensure it is part of your marketing strategy.

With desktop use in decline and up to 50% of people’s Internet time is spent on a mobile device, you simply must go mobile.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to ensure that your website is mobile responsive. Basically this means that the formatting of your site will adjust to the small screen sizes automatically. Websites that are not mobile friendly are likely to see a greater bounce rates, which means the time and money you spent making your website easy to find is wasted.

TIP: Be sure to regularly check your website on a range of mobile devices, particularly when you are uploading new content or trying a new layout, to ensure that new pages are displaying as they should.

Some ways you can easily incorporate mobile marketing into your plan include;

  1. Incorporate mobile marketing through the use of apps . You could develop an app of your own, allowing you to engage easily with your audience, or you might advertise on other apps relevant to your target audience.
  1. QR codes -old (but effective), this little square of rectangles, when used in combination with a strong message, is a quick and easy way to draw your audience to a page on your website whilst they are mobile. Very affordable and easy to administer.
  1. If you are using PPC (pay per click) advertising, such as Google Adwords, be sure to enable location based, mobile search ads and mobile image ads. Make sure your ads are short and sharp. This is how people want to communicate on mobile devices.
  1. Finally, annoying as they can be sometimes, consider using sms as part of your communication strategy, particularly if you have strong promotional offer with a short timeframe.

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