Social Proof – What is it and why is it important?

Social proof is a term created by psychologists that encompasses how much, as a society, we rely on feedback and actions of others to help make decisions. For marketing, it is a tactic that eases the minds of worried customers with the use of testimonials, likes, shares and comments. Read ahead to find out why social proof is important and how to incorporate it into your website.

A simple way to understand social proof is to imagine walking past an empty café. If there are only a handful of people inside, you assume that a lack of presence equals to a lack of quality. Thus, opting for a busier café. This example also applies with social media and brand presence. If your last post was 24 weeks ago and there are no testimonials or comments on your website, people will close the tab and choose someone with more credibility. Your credibility is created with quality content and the amount of followers, likes and shares you have.

Social proof is a tactic to build trust with consumers. Similarly to when a friend recommends something, you will be more inclined to try it. Social proof is a community on a larger scale that gives a consumer reassurance on a product or service. As a business, it can be difficult to share your brand, as consumers are weary of businesses talking about themselves without any backup from consumer comments, recommendations and likes. It is important to create social proof for you business to flourish.

Tips to gaining social proof:

  1. Seek Endorsement

Industry related experts and celebrities can help to boost your credibility if a statement or mention is made for your business. Building a relationship may take some time but the success from this bond pays off.

  1. Have Testimonials

Customer testimonials are easy to collect. They help to gain feedback from their experience and are a powerful tool for social proof. Studies show people connect better with testimonials, as they are user-generated, making them more persuasive than statistics.

  1. Social Media Metrics

The amount of shares, likes and followers counts for a lot with users. Numbers act as proof of a business’s success and help to encourage user share ability.

  1. Client Logos

Images are proven to retain customer’s attention for longer. Use this to your advantage by displaying client’s logos, which reassures consumers others enjoy your product or service.

Try incorporating these techniques into your marketing efforts to experience the power of social proof. If you need some advice on social proof, give the team at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.