Stay on top of the Latest Marketing Trends with these tips

Being in an industry that is constantly changing and new updates, algorithms and products are regularly released, staying up to date and ahead of the curve with the latest marketing trends isn’t easy. Technology constantly changes the way we do business so take a look at these tips for keeping up with the latest marketing news to ensure your marketing strategy doesn’t become out-dated.

Keep Updated with Publications and Blogs
Publications dedicated to specific areas of your industry such as digital marketing can be very reliable sources of news and can often help you strengthen your current strategies with tips and advice. Blogs are also a great resource as they are constantly updated. Search blogs for expert opinions and involve yourself in the comments and discussion sections to stay involved. 

Stay Social
Social media platforms and online communities are a great way to keep yourself up to date with the latest marketing trends as you can monitor discussions in real time. Follow influential people in the marketing industry on Twitter and utilise LinkedIn groups to keep track of conversations.

Network in your Industry
Discussing your industry in a face-to-face environment is a refreshing change from the online community and can be very insightful. Head out to marketing conferences, workshops, industry training and free events to find out what is happening in the local community. 

Subscribe to Google Alerts
Google alerts let you receive an email notification when Google finds a news result for a topic that interests you. Create alerts for areas that are most useful to your business and filter them by region and relevance.

Observe your Competitors
It doesn’t hurt to check out what your competitors are up to and learn how they are responding to an emerging trend, especially leading companies in your industry. Competitive analysis doesn’t have to be hard, follow them on social media, visit their website or even set up Google alerts so you always know what is happening in the marketing world.

As technology changes it is important to update your marketing strategy to help your business keep up with competitors. Here at Clarity Marketing and Communication we tailor your marketing strategy to suit you and your business’ needs. We are here with you every step of the way so give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.