Using Emojis in Email Subject Lines

When it comes to increasing open rates in email marketing, it is essential to capture your reader’s attention and stand out in their inboxes. Using emojis in your email subject line is a debatable topic and one that you should research and test with your target audience. They are starting to pop up more frequently in marketing emails so here is a guide on how to use them effectively for your brand. 

Emojis are colourful graphics or facial expressions used universally to emphasise a point and add a unique form of language communication. Marketers use them successfully to emphasise a topic, add some fun and playfulness to campaigns or as a visual tool to attract readers to your emails. It is recommended that you conduct A/B split testing to find out whether your target audience will respond well to emojis and if they are affecting your open rates, clicks and conversions.


  • Attract readers as your email will stand out from the competition in their inbox
  • Save space in your subject line by using emojis to communicate
  • Convey emotion and excitement that is difficult to in text
  • Adds visual flair to your email
  • Increase open rates if most of your readers are opening your emails on a smartphone


  • Must test whether your target audience will respond positively as emoji use typically works best with a younger audience
  • May not be compatible with email program and display
  • It is easy to go overboard, choose them wisely and don’t overuse them as it can have a negative impact towards your brand
  • May look different across various platforms and software

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