Website Mistakes to Avoid

With the dynamic landscape of the Internet always evolving; what was once considered the best practice for a website might not be the case now.  Listed below are 10 common mistakes to avoid on your business’ website.

Incomplete Contact Information

This not only frustrates the potential customer but also outlines that you are not readily accessible or available to them.  By having a full physical street address and contact details, it enhances your credibility, believability and trustworthiness.

Typographical or Grammatical Errors

Nothing seems more unprofessional and sloppy than having spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your copy, as it reflects on your professionalism and attention to detail.  Always use spell-check or have another person review your copy.

Plagiarized Material

Ensure all material on your website is your own. Plagiarism is a crime, but if you ask permission beforehand to use the text, with proper referencing, it can be acceptable; however original content is often better rewarded in search engine rankings.

Broken Links

It’s frustrating when a link that leads to an error display page.  It looks highly unprofessional, so ensure that you thoroughly check all your links periodically or have an option for your customer to notify you.

Free Offers That Aren’t Immediately Fulfilled

If you run a promotion on your website for free offer that enables to you collect names and email addresses, ensure that the offers can be immediately fulfilled.  Numerous sites offer free consultations or information and then fail to deliver, harming their credibility.

Non-Secure or Confusing Ordering Procedures

Many sites have non-secure or confusing ordering procedures.  Offer different payment alternatives such as money order or direct bank deposit.  If your site offers more than two or three items for sale, implement a shopping cart ordering system and make the transaction process easier for your customers.

Distracting Content

It’s easy to get carried away adding videos, graphics and music to your website. These can take a long time to load up or may require special programs to display, so a balance is needed between media and written content. Unless it is integral to the business, play it safe as, it distracts the consumer and could undermine the user experience.

Awkward Language

If writing is not your specialty or you do not have the time to write content, invest in a copywriter for your business. Always ask to read a few samples of their writing and to see if it flows and suits the business.

Clashing colours

Ensure that your website colours complement each other as nothing is worse than a trying to read important information that is in bright neon colours.

Automatic pop-up windows

These are intrusive and frustrating and may keep visitors away from your website.

If you’d like assistance in reviewing your website and correcting some of these mistakes, or creating an online presence for your business contact Deborah from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or email