5 Ways Colour Affects your Brand

As consumers are bombarded daily by brand images, advertisements and marketing campaigns, good graphic design is crucial when trying to capture the attention of your target audience. Colour is one of the most important components of design and can have a vast impact on your brand’s image. Here are 5 ways colour affects your brand; choose the right shade to portray a strong brand image.

  1. Attracts Attention
    It is clear that colour attracts our attention and appeals to our visual senses which is why colours are a tool frequently used in marketing. Homestead found that 93% of buyers focus on the visual appearance when buying a product. Utilize the right combination of bright colours to stimulate your audience or neutral, minimalistic colours to relax the viewer.
  2. Increases Brand Perception
    The visual perception of your design can influence an audience’s attachment to your brand. Homestead also report that 80% of clients believe colour is responsible for brand recognition. Choose carefully when selecting a colour or colour scheme for your brand as this can have a positive or negative attraction from your audience.
  3. Helps the Audience Portray Information
    Different colours have different psychological and emotional meanings. The universal colour perception chart shows blue means trust and strength, yellow portrays warmth and optimism, orange is friendly and cheerful, green means health and growth and red represents excitement and passion. Choose your colours wisely to portray the right message to your audience.
  4. Emphasizes Information
    The use of contrasting colours can allow your readers to focus their attention on specific parts of your design. Emphasize or de-emphasize information with two colours from opposite ends of the colour wheel.
  5. Appeals to your Audience
    Using your colour scheme to appeal to your target audience is an important element of design. Research shows that different parts of the colour spectrum appeal to men than it does to women, with adults reacting to different colours than children. Understand your demographic and with some research you can aim to target your audience with colours in your marketing materials.

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