How to Choose the Right Platform for your Content

If you are just starting out marketing your brand you may be overwhelmed with the amount of platforms available to promote your content; social media, emails, blogs, videos, websites, advertisements, radio, television, magazines. How do you choose the platform that is right for your business and your audience?

Examine your Target Customer
If you understand your customers’ behaviour and preferences, you will know where they spend most of their time and you will be able to better target them by publishing your content on the right platforms. Examining your target audience, where they search for information, where and how they shop and where they want to see information about your brand will ensure you are not wasting time and money on platforms that will deliver poor results.

Identify your Assets
Once you have found where your target customers are active, you must identify whether your company has the capability to engage your audience on these platforms. For example, if your business offers a product rather than a service and has lots of visual images, graphic platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and videos may be effective. For businesses offering a service, platforms such as blogs, emails and websites may be a more efficient way to explain your package and promote your content. If you find a platform where your ideal customer is active, but you don’t have suitable assets to be engaging on this type of media, you need to invest more of your time developing powerful content.

Match your Tools with your Time
Decide what your business needs to be doing, what it is capable of and its strengths and weaknesses. A customer may be reachable on social media, radio, magazines and television advertisements but your brand may not have the budget or the time to accommodate to this. Scale your content strategy by planning your content carefully, offering the best value out of your campaign and creating creative, adaptable information that can be used on a variety of platforms.

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