How to Design Effective Printed Collateral

Marketing is about using multiple mediums to express your brand’s message and attract customers. Although one may think printed collateral isn’t necessary in today’s digital era, relying solely on online marketing may result in your business missing out on potential customers. A well-designed booklet, brochure or flyer will remind your prospect of your brand and position you as a professional business. Below are some tips for designing effective printed collateral for your business.

Consider your Target Audience
Decide what type of information your target audience wants and write your content accordingly. Ensure you understand your customer and write from their point of view, focusing on addressing how you can solve their problem. Your printed material should answer typical customer questions in a logical order following your target audience’s thoughts. Headlines should also address your target audience’s interests or perceived problems. Use benefit-orientated headlines to hold your reader’s attention as they are likely to skim headlines inside your brochure or booklet. Combining a visually appealing design with attention grabbing content will get the attention of your target audience.

Use a Powerful Call-to-Action
Give your reader’s a reason to act now, before their attention is lost and your brochure or flyer is forgotten about. Move a reader to the next stage of your sales cycle by clearly stating exactly what you want them to do, ensuring the call-to-action stands out from the rest of the copy. Make it easy for readers to contact you by ensuring your business name, contact details and website are easily found on each section or page.

Keep it Simple
A simple design can create a clean and modern effect which doesn’t have to be boring. It can be incredibly effective as it won’t be overcrowded or packed with an overload of information. Keep it simple yet visually appealing while ensuring you use high-quality images, graphics and materials for a professional look and feel. Hiring an experienced graphic designer will ensure well-designed printed collateral which appeals to your target audience.

Think Outside the Box
Your brochure, flyer or booklet does not need to be a standard A4 size. Use your imagination when planning your design to create a lasting impression. Generate impact with diverse shapes and angles, use alternate materials or texture as a graphic element to capture the attention of your readers and motivate them to look inside. Whichever technique you use, ensure it reflects your business’ personality.

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