Customer Service – Are You Delivering?

Customer service is the series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. A consumer is more inclined to relay a bad experience with customer service than a good experience.

Customer satisfaction is vital to the success and survival of a business in today’s society. A negative review could place a blemish on a business’s name, brand and reputation.

Businesses that are quick to respond to and deal with customer complaints not only increase their chances of customer retention, repeat business and referrals as well as customer satisfaction.

Bad customer service is detrimental to all businesses in the technological world we operate in. A simple status update, a tweet to a mass of followers or a YouTube video upload with hundreds or thousands of subscribers could greatly damage a business’s reputation.

For example, there have been numerous occasions in which dissatisfied customers have posted negative comments on Twitter, uploaded videos onto YouTube, or posted blog articles about their unsatisfactory experiences, deterring potential customers from using services or products of the businesses that were critiqued.

Here are some tips on providing great customer service:
•  Hire and train the right staff to handle the service role who are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable
•  Have a guide that helps staff  to serve customers and to deal with customer complaints
•  Wherever possible, feedback and responses to customer queries and complaints should be within a 24 hour time frame
•  Treat customers how you would like to be treated and follow their lead
•  Always answer your phone, or have an answering machine service. Customers prefer to talk to real people, not a machine
•  Listen to your customers
•  Deal with the complaints seriously
•  Be willing to help and find an answer or solution
•  Be prepared to go the extra mile – if you are not willing to look after your customers, your competitors will

Exceptional customer service never gets old. It will make you stand out in a sea of competitors. If you would like to learn more about enhancing the customer service experience for your business or have any other marketing queries, contact Deborah from Clarity Marketing on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.