7 Golden Rules for Responding to Customers Online

When dealing with customers who voice their opinions online – whether it be negative, positive or neutral, many companies struggle to find the balance in responding in a way that both protects their brand and pleasing their customers.

Below are the seven golden rules that businesses should employ when dealing with their customers online.

1.  Be Timely

With the abundance of smart phones, tablets and computers, there is now no excuse to not respond to a new post in a timely manner – a 24 hour response rate is desirable. This demonstrates to potential customers on the level of your involvement

2.  Auto Respond is not your friend

Customers do not like talking to machines – automated responses are no better. By taking the time out to leave a quick message that the issue is on your radar and that you will respond soon, bodes much better than a standard automated reply.

3.  Frontline employees are your greatest asset

Because of social media’s transparent nature the frontline will appreciate the importance of improving the customer experience.

4.  It’s not personal

Always be professional and courteous with your responses. Rational, genuine responses reflect well on your business and how you deal with customers.

5.  Keep it short and sweet

Social media platforms are built for skimming and quick conversations. At the end of the day, customers affect your bottom line.

6.  Give credit where it’s due

If an issue was brought to the business’s attention, show appreciation to the source.  Be grateful that it was uncovered.

7.  Rectify Issues

Continuing from Rule #6, now that an issue has been identified, it should be fixed. This shows your customers that you are capable of change and will listen.

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