How to Write Great Copy

Copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. The key to writing a good article lies with being knowledgeable about the topic, knowing who your target audience is and knowing how to write. Listed below are the ten key tips to writing great copy.

1.  Have a attention grabbing and compelling headline

The headline draws in the interest and attention of the reader. It is the first impression you make on the potential reader – the heading determines if your article is of any relevance to them.

2.  Immediately deliver what was promised in the headline to retain reader interest

The first paragraph should hold the answer the reader seeks. The body of the copy is where you would flesh out each point.

3.  Write with energy

Your audience is able to pick up on the way you write – if you are bored while writing, it will show in your copy. Use an active tone.

4.  Keep the message clear, simple and succinct

If there is too much text on the page, it is daunting to the reader and may deter them from reading further. Do not ramble and write irrelevant information.

5.  Use heading and subheadings to break up the page.

The added white space and structure helps the reader’s eyes to focus. The brain processes information better when it is broken into small chunks.

6.  Avoiding repeating information

The information will become redundant if you keep writing the same repeatedly and you will lose your reader’s interest.

7.  Choose simple words

Write use instead of utilise, help instead of facilitate, for instead of in the amount of, start instead of commence. Use longer words only if your meaning is so specific no other words will do.

8.  Know your audience

Understand the mindset of your audience and write in a style that best suits that audience.

9.  Keep paragraphs short, each one covering one topic.

This helps to retain the reader’s attention – keep paragraphs to four lines and should never exceed 6 lines. Eliminate filler words – such as, very, little, rather, etc as it does nothing but bulk up your sentences and paragraphs.

10.  Check, double check and triple check your writing

It is important to have a fresh pair of eyes proofread and edit your copy to point out any mistakes you made or if they understand the article.

Remember, good copy is well-written information with an understanding of how it will make the reader feel. If you would like to learn more about how to write good copy for your business or have any other marketing queries, contact Deborah from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or submit an online enquiry.