Easy Blog Post Formats

Generating leads, building authority and driving traffic to your website are just some of the many valuable benefits to writing a blog for your business. If you are starting a new blog, you have probably researched many different types of posts and formats which other businesses use to attract readers. Here are some easy to use blog post formats to help you decide which is best for your next blog idea.

How To
Step-by-step guides are helpful and valuable to your audience, allowing you to illustrate your business’ expertise. Choose topics your prospects will be interested in and think about what you think they would like to know about. Begin with a task and explain each step one by one, breaking it down in simple form, making sure your readers understand any industry jargon. How-to posts are the most popular format for business blogs as they can show potential customers how you can solve their problems with helpful strategies and tips.

Countdown and list post formats are easy to read and write and are therefore one of the most highly shared type of blog post. Many popular entertainment and news websites use countdown posts to break down important information in a simple numbered list. These posts are great for beginner bloggers and are frequently shared as they make it easier for the reader to skim through the content for relevant information.

News posts allow you to analyse a newsworthy event relevant to your industry and communicate your thoughts on a topic relating to your business. Choose topics from popular industry publications relevant to your target audience, keeping an eye out for those that apply to your business or that will affect your customers. News posts have high share results as it is likely that your audience is already researching the news story. Start with a background to the story and include how the topic will impact your industry or your customers.

Sharing posts are where you share other posts or recommend links to your audience. Sharing posts are one of the easiest formats to write as they are laidback and encourage other readers to share their thoughts. They are a valuable tool for building relationships with other businesses or bloggers and are easy to write as you can share your ideas in bullet points.

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