More than meets the eye – why graphics are important to your website

Many people don’t understand how important graphics are to marketing their business. With the addition of the latest social media technologies such as Pinterest and the new Facebook timeline cover photo, high quality graphics are more important than ever for your businesses image.

Graphics make up a considerable chunk of what makes a marvelous website. Of course you have to have good functionality and ease of use among many other things, but poor graphics can be detrimental to a good website. Put simply, you could potentially be sabotaging your other marketing efforts by scrimping on graphics.

According to the Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Study, 97% of consumers say that their digital experience influenced whether or not they purchased a product or service from that company. A potential customer could be directed to your website by you various other marketing efforts, only to find a website full of dated, stale graphics and unflattering imagery. This could then deter the potential customer, therefore losing sales for your business and making your other marketing efforts ineffective.

Social media is a must now for any business, and you need to make sure your brand theme, look and feel are consistent across all online platforms, All timeline photos and Twitter backgrounds should be impeccable and reflect the message you want to portray. Also make sure that your blog content is rich and image heavy. This will attract more attention and if done correctly using your companies’ look and feel, will create a feeling of familiarity towards the brand.

Though good graphics adds expense to your marketing, especially on small business budgets, it is important not to cut corners in this area. The image you portray through graphics on your website and social media pages, can lose you sales if not up to date and aesthetically pleasing.

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