5 Ways to Improve your Visual Branding

Consistency throughout the visual elements of your business’ marketing campaigns is paramount for your brand if you want to be recognizable and stand out among your competitors. Your logo, images, fonts, colours and layouts must all work together to create a strong visual presence reflecting your brand. Whether you are creating imagery for social media, printed collateral or your website follow these tips to improve your visual branding.

  1. Logo
    As your logo helps shape the whole identity of your business, it should appear on all of your content. You may decide to use a consistent template or style guide for each of your marketing materials to ensure you incorporate your logo and other important elements.
  2. Image
    Whether you are using stock images, illustrations or photography, ensure you are sticking to the same theme. Determine what type of images best reflect your brand and use a similar filter for a consistent look and feel.
  3. Colour
    A consistent colour palette will help your customers become familiar with your brand. Create cohesion across all of your visual platforms by choosing two to four colours to use in your images, website pages and text.
  4. Font
    Similar to your colour palette, pair fonts to help you convey tone and match your brand’s personality. Choose two or three fonts to convey your message on every piece of marketing material. Your largest font will show the most personality so use a fresh and updated design.
  5. Dimensions
    Using high quality imagery for your website is a worthwhile investment as it establishes credibility, however, ensure to keep the load time for your webpage at a minimum. If you are creating images for your social media accounts keep in mind the recommended image dimensions and layouts for each platform and keep imagery and typography consistent across all channels.

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