How to Maximise your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Considering the large increase in the percentage of mobile users over the past 4 years, the mobile community holds many new opportunities for marketers. According to Marketing Land, 80% of internet users use smartphones to search the web. Smart devices are no doubt an integral part of our day-to-day lives therefore your marketing strategy needs to integrate a powerful mobile experience. Here are some important elements you need to run a successful integrated mobile marketing campaign and reach out to a wider audience.

  1. Create a Seamless User Experience

With the broad range of mobile devices on the market it is vital to ensure your marketing materials are not only optimized for desktop but also mobile to improve your brand awareness. Google favours mobile-friendly websites and ranks them higher in search results. Ensure all of your digital assets convert smoothly to smartphones and tablets and are updated when a new device is released. It is also vital to have fast loading pages by avoiding high resolution images.  These strategies will ensure your customers are getting the best user experience as possible when interacting with your brand.

  1. Increase Customer Engagement

An effective way to increase exposure and customer engagement is by creating a mobile app. An app will allow you to push notifications to your customer’s mobile devices and lets them check for sales and special offers. As well as building your brand’s reputation, apps are an additional way to drive traffic and encourage your customers to take action.

  1. Keep up to Date with Emerging Patterns

As mobile users have different behaviour patterns than desktop users, their attention span is shorter and their time and patience is limited, it is essential to keep up with new updates, patterns and trends to meet their needs. Your strategy needs to adapt to new mobile devices, operating software and search engine updates for a responsive design.

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