Is your Small Business making these Holiday Marketing Mistakes?

As the holiday season is such a busy time, it is common for business owners to neglect their marketing efforts during the holidays with the promise of starting fresh in the New Year. This can cause your business to miss out on many opportunities such as boosting revenue and customer loyalty. For a successful holiday season, ensure to avoid these 6 holiday marketing campaign mistakes.

Not Setting a Budget
The holiday season is a great chance for your business to meet your revenue goals. It is important to plan ahead and set a budget for your marketing campaign to efficiently boost your brand’s exposure without going overboard. A marketing professional can help you decide on what channels will work best for achieving your goals.

Failing to Update your Marketing Collateral
Marketers know their customers love to see a bit of holiday spirit whether it be on your website, social media, signage or packaging. Updating your marketing collateral allows you to spread holiday cheer and lets your customers know you are ready for Christmas. Repackaging your products or rebranding your services for the holiday season can help to add value to your offerings.

Not offering Holiday Specials
People are more prepared to spend at Christmas than any other time of the year as they get into the spirit of gift giving. Special offers, discounts and incentives will direct customers to your business rather than your competitors. Research what your competitors are offering and try to match them but be careful about going ‘discount happy’ too early in the season.

Forgetting about your Loyal Customers
While you are planning to attract new customers, don’t forget to reach out to your loyal clients to ensure your brand is at the front of their mind. The holidays are the perfect time to show your clients you appreciate them and value their business by offering them incentives for their loyalty. There must be a balance of focusing on short-term sales and long-term customers.

Ignoring Social Media
Scheduling tools allow you to be active on social media all year round so there are no excuses during the holiday break. Social media is a great way to let your customers know of any changes in trading hours or special offers and lets you reach more people during what may be your busiest time of the year.

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