6 Ways Online Marketing will Evolve in 2016

As marketing has become more about tailoring personalised messages towards specific audiences and creating engaging content, the competition online has become fierce. This year businesses should prepare to make changes in their marketing strategies and leave any unsuccessful tactics behind. Here are some online marketing trends to watch out for in 2016.

  1. Mobile will override desktop
    2015 was a big year for mobile traffic as Google announced it would favour mobile-friendly websites. Mobile platforms will no doubt dominate desktop usage in 2016 which will lead to a larger portion of marketing budgets spent on mobile-focused online marketing.
  1. Multi-media will be critical for engaging content
    To engage your audience and attract attention in the competitive online space, the use of video, applications, images, gifs, polls and quizzes will maximise traffic. As video marketing has become increasingly popular in the past year, video content is more likely to increase the amount of time users spend on your website, optimising engagement potential.
  1. App Adoption will explode
    This year more and more marketers will realise the effectiveness of having a dedicated app for their business, especially since wearable devices such as smart watches are increasing. Google has offered app indexing for a while which helps re-engage existing app users.
  1. Video Ads
    A rise in video advertising is expected as Google has announced a new development they are testing in their search results. It is expected that video ads and apps will become more prominent and start to become embedded in search results.
  1. Social media ad spending will surge
    In 2015, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest announced improved features offering a more attractive advertising platform for businesses. It is likely to see an increase in spending on social media this year as brands look for new ways to connect with new audiences.
  1. New SEO methods will arise
    SEO techniques are likely to change every year once Google releases search algorithm updates. The rise of wearable technology increasing the use of apps and voice to text for search engines will also affect SEO tactics.

We hope these helpful tips will have you on your way to effectively marketing your business this year. Here at Clarity Marketing and Communication we tailor your marketing strategy to suit you and your business’ needs. We are here with you every step of the way so give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.