How to Increase Repeat Customers

Marketing is not only about attracting new customers, retaining customers is just as important. Keeping your customers loyal is most valuable and profitable to your business as they don’t require new customer acquisition costs. To achieve success, your business must not only sell your product or service, but turn the new customer into a repeat customer who is loyal to your business. Here are some tips on how to increase repeat customers.

Maintain Communication
Social media is a great way to keep in contact with your customers, offer exclusive promotions and obtain feedback. Sharing, posting and updating your social media account regularly with interesting content can help build a relationship with your customers and drive traffic to your website, encouraging more business. Sending regular e-newsletters with relevant and valuable information to your customers will remind them about your business and encourage them to make a repeat purchase. You will need to encourage customers to subscribe to regular updates and join your business on social media. Be sure to collect their email address wherever possible, including offering to send receipts or instruction manuals.

Offer Rewards
The best way to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty is by saving your customers money. Offering them a small discount after their first purchase will incentivise them to come back. Consider repeat customers when planning a promotion. Exclusive promotions will show your gratitude, increase loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. A common mistake made by many businesses is losing contact straight after the sale has ended. Ensure your customer service does not stop after the sale by checking in at least once with customers to ensure they are happy with your service.

Respond to Feedback
Another way to keep your customers loyal is to listen to their feedback and constantly improve. Keep in touch with your customers and always leave a way for them to provide feedback so you can respond and create a better service. Customer feedback surveys are a valuable tool to place a continuous focus on customer satisfaction and to ensure you are delivering an experience that meets their needs which will increase customer retention.

Repeat customers are vital to the success and reputation of your business. If you need assistance with any aspect of marketing to help retain your customers, Clarity Marketing & Communication can help. Give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.