3 Ways Interactive Marketing Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

Customers are blasted with thousands of marketing messages every day, whether it is while walking down the street or watching television. It is important for your small business to stand out from the crowd with a marketing approach that will gain your customers attention. Interactive marketing allows your business to reach customers on a personal level through active participation. Here are some ways interactive marketing can help your brand gain a competitive advantage and give your marketing strategy extra edge.

Interactive marketing is a popular trend because of a customer’s demand for an improved online experience. A major advantage of interactive marketing is the ability to customise your marketing campaigns, providing a personalised experience for the consumer. Wishing a customer a happy birthday, letting them know when an upgrade is available on their account or tailoring a preference-based loyalty program to suit their buying patterns are great ways to get your advertising across while personalising each message. A more general way to help your brand stand out is by creating personalised messages in location based promotions using customer mobile check-ins.

Email Marketing
A popular interactive marketing technique is using email. The availability of data analytics means businesses can easily collect information from individual customers and design marketing campaigns specifically for each target group. Obtain your customers email addresses and other information such as order history and you can send automated emails tailored to each individual suggesting similar products or reminding them they have left a product in their shopping cart. Sending out a quality enewsletter is a powerful way to regularly stay in touch with your customers. The same type of communication can be used to let customers know about a sale or new product being launched.

Prospect Management
Interactive marketing makes prospect management easier by identifying more promising leads based on online activity and website visits. Social media can be used to learn relevant information about your customers or find individuals who would be likely to take an interest in your brand. Interactive marketing can also be used at events and conferences to gather leads providing information about interests and preferences. This information can be used to determine promising leads and create targeted marketing campaigns to an audience who will be more likely to respond.

We hope this advice will help you stay on top of your marketing strategies. If you need any help with your business marketing plan, please don’t hesitate to contact Clarity Marketing and Communication on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.